How exactly are air conditioning units installed?

For those that are going to install a new air conditioning unit, you are probably wondering, how do technicians do it? What are the steps involved in installing a new air conditioning unit in your home? Well, there are a bunch of steps that are both common to split-type and window-type air conditioning units. And a trained technician will follow these sorts of steps. So here is what you should know about how technicians install an air conditioning unit in your home or building.

Determining the type of A/C

The first thing that they will do is to help you determine what sort of air conditioning you want to be installed. Window-type units are cheaper and also faster to install, but they use up energy and are not as efficient as split-type units.

Taking the measurements

The technician will usually need to measure how much they need to drill or cut open depending on the size and type of your air conditioning unit. For example, if you have got a window-type unit that needs to be installed, then they will measure just how much of the window they need to open up so that your air conditioning unit would fit there. They would also take a few other measurements, such as how long the cord or vents need to be away from the power source, etc. The measurements need to be exact to ensure that the whole air conditioning unit fits properly.

Fitting of the unit/vents

Then, the technician will need to fit the vents, unit cage or pipes. If you have got a window-type air conditioning unit that needs to be installed, then the technician will cut open portion of your window to make room for the aircon cage. And if you have got a split-type unit that needs to be installed, they need to fit all of the connecting types between the blower and the compressor.

Actual installation

After those parts of the aircon unit are fitted in, the technician will then proceed it the final and actual part of the installation. They will fit the blower for a split-type unit inside of your home. That blower will then be connected using the pipes and vents to the compressor on the outside of your home. If it is just a window-type air conditioning unit, the technician will just slide the unit into the vent or cage that they have made in your window.

These are all of the steps in how technicians install air conditioning units. It usually is the same whether they are installing air conditioning units for residential or commercial buildings. The difference in those two types of buildings is usually the size of the air conditioning unit that is being installed. Now that you know how exactly that they do it, you should know what to expect the next time that you hire an aircon installation crew to come to your home. And remember, if you do need to get an aircon supplier Singapore, you had better hire a professional crew to do it.