Stay Cool With An Aircon Chemical Wash

You depend on your air conditioning to keep you cool in the summer and if your air conditioner starts to fail or isn’t as cool as it usually is, you are going to need to service your air conditioner. One way to keep your air conditioner functioning like it should is to use a chemical wash to clean it. This is something you can do on your own and it can really extend the life of your air conditioning system. Read on to learn more about aircon chemical washes.

When you do an aircon chemical wash you get to clean all the dirt and bacteria out of your system. As your air conditioning system ages, it starts to accumulate dirt and dust. This buildup can affect the performance of your air conditioner and it can cause it to lose coldness. This buildup is also bad for your air and can affect the air quality of your home since the dirt gets into the air and cause problems.

If you clean it on a regular basis you can extend the life of your aircon system and avoid having to make a lot of repairs. Air conditioner repairs can be expensive and many of them can be avoided if you take care of your air conditioning system. You want to make sure that you clean it as much as possible and the aircon chemical wash is going to do that.

Doing a chemical wash on a regular basis is going to keep your air conditioning system clean and it is something that is worth doing since the results are going to be so good. The first thing that happens when you wash your air conditioning system is that the wash is going to clean out the dust and dirt from your air conditioning system. The filters are going to work like they are supposed to again and there will be more airflow. You will also save money on your utility bills when you do an aircon wash since the air is going to be able to flow freely out of the system.

When the air conditioner isn’t getting a good flow of air it is going to be more expensive to run and your energy bills are going to be higher. The system is also going to be more likely to break down. When you clean the system you are going to save money on your utility bills and there will not be as much wear and tear on the system.

When you do a chemical wash on a regular basis the blockages are going to be removed and you won’t have to worry about your condenser freezing. Keeping the condenser in good working order is very important because the condenser can be expensive to repair and it can cause the air conditioning system to run hot. The chemical wash can clean out every part of your air conditioning system and make it work much better. Using an aircon wash really works. To find out more about chemical wash and aircon chemical wash price, you can visit Coolbest Aircon Servcing.

3 Simple Ways That You Could Do To Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

Do you want to know the simple and basic ways that you could do to clean the filters of your air conditioning unit at home? If yes, you can read the list below that shows these simple and basic ways of aircon cleaning service so that you won’t feel lazy every time you need to clean it.

This is the list of the simple ways that you can do to clean the filters of your air conditioning unit.

  1. Cleaning With the Use of Vacuum Cleaner

One of the easiest and fastest ways that you can do to clean the filters of your air conditioning unit is to clean it with the use of the vacuum cleaner. By doing this, the vacuum cleaner will suck the dirt and dust that are accumulating in the filters which are also the things that obstructs the cool air from going out. This cleaning method is ideal for those people who do not have enough time to clean their air conditioning units and a perfect cleaning method that you can do in a regular basis.

  1. Submerge the Filter into a Cleaning Solution

If you want a cleaning method that will completely remove all the dirt and dust in the filters of your air conditioning unit, then the best thing that you can do is to submerge it into a cleaning solution. One effective cleaning solution that you can use is the vinegar and water which you can easily get in your kitchen. You just need to mix a one is to one ratio of vinegar and water in a large basin and then soak the filters in it for about an hour or more depending on the condition of your air conditioning unit. After doing this, you can now let the filters dry by placing it on the rack.  You can also use the other alternative cleaning solutions which are the detergents and liquid soaps if you do not want to use vinegar.

  1. Clean the Filters with Its Automatic Function

You should know that you can now also clean the filters of your air conditioning unit in a modern and automatic way. It is because some of the air conditioning units that you can buy in the market nowadays are equipped with an electronic cleaning function so that it can do the cleaning by itself. You just need to set the cleaning function in a regular basis and you can be assured that it will do the rest. You also need to know that these kinds of air conditioning units are usually expensive but knowing that it has this kind of feature would be worth the price.

As what stated above, you now have an idea on what are the simple ways that you can do to clean the filters of your air conditioning unit. With this, you now also know that there are some other ways of cleaning it which is very easy and quick to do. If you are interested to know this topic better, you can ask the help of an air conditioner expert. Find out more about aircon clenaing service in Singapore.

5 Troubleshooting Techniques to Identify AC Problems

Air-conditioners or AC units are one of the most common appliances used in homes and offices today. An AC unit generates cool fresh air inside rooms to provide comfort for people to enjoy indoor living. It is highly advantageous in having an AC unit at home and in the office especially during summer days. Nowadays, AC units are greatly considered as an important appliance in every household and work office. For businesses, AC units are used to not only provide comfort to their customers but also attract people to come and visit their business. AC units are now in many public places to provide comfort and cool air to people.

When owning an AC unit, it is very important to have it regularly checked and cleaned to prolong its life. It is also important observe proper maintenance and repair services to avoid the AC from breaking down. For AC owners here are a few simple troubleshooting techniques to identify AC problems:

The AC unit is Not Cooling

Over time people realize that AC units are not producing cooler air than normal. Once this is noticed people can check on the AC thermostat and make sure that it is set correctly or may need to clean out the AC filters as it may be a cause as well of the problem.

The AC unit has Weak Air Pressure

According to Billy aircon servicing company, AC units not producing enough air pressure is mainly caused by dirty filters, people may need to clean out of replacing the filters to fix the issue. Other causes may otherwise imply that the AC unit will need a thorough cleaning and tune-up.

The AC unit is Making Weird Noises

Another website stated that when weird noises are coming from the AC aside from the normal noise that it makes may indicate a problem with one of its parts and components. If the performance of the AC is corresponding to the noise, then a thorough inspection should be done to check for the cause of the issue.

The AC unit is Not Operating

When AC units seem not to work or is not cooling the place as it used to it may be because of its thermostat. Making sure that its settings are correctly set will help resolve the issue and if not then there maybe a problem with a faulty thermostat.

The AC unit is Not Powering On

Sometimes AC units won’t power on due to faulty wires and power issues, if that is not the case then there maybe an internal problem with the AC.

Knowing these simple troubleshooting techniques to identify AC problems can help owners asses issues and seek help right away. It is always an advantage to have repairs done early rather than having them done when it’s already too late. AC units provide comfort to our homes and offices with the cool, clean and fresh air it generates. It is important to be wary of the troubleshooting techniques to help keep and maintain the AC unit working in its best condition.

Why Do Air Conditioners Leak And How Do You Check It Out?

The main job of a window air conditioner is to remove moisture from the indoor space so that it gets cooled down to a comfortable temperature. The process uses a certain amount of water which may depend on numerous factors such as the size & overall condition of the unit and humidity. The moisture that is captured during the operation of the air conditioner will flow down its cooling coil and drops into the base. Some of this water is used to cool the heating coil while the rest will collect at the rear of the unit. Then, it drops out of the base of the AC and onto the ground. In fact, even a regularly maintained unit will leak water out of the back of the AC. This article provides information on why do air conditioners leak and how do you check it out.

Most of the time, it is very hard to diagnose a problem in the air conditioner unit through an untrained eye. Most people think that the AC unit is malfunctioning depending on how much water is coming out of the unit. It may look like the unit is leaking from different places. But there are common reasons as to why an air conditioner would leak. Once you are aware of these reasons, you can take immediate steps to fix the problems. Here are some of the most common reasons why an air conditioner unit can leak.

Not installing the air conditioner unit properly is one of the most common reasons for water leaks. In fact, a window air conditioner needs to be installed the correct way at all times. The unit should be slightly lower at the rear compared to the front side. That way the water that is being removed would drain to the back of the AC unit. This is the first thing that you need to check if the AC is leaking. Most of the time, an inexperienced AC repair company or a handyman can install the unit incorrectly.

Icing up is another reason that could lead to a water leak from the unit. If there are issues with the cooling system of the unit, the moisture that gets dehumidified from the air that is around the unit could turn into ice. If you find ice, unplug the unit immediately and check behind the front grille. If there is ice on the cooling coil, you may have to replace/repair the coil. When warm air from outside gets inside the air conditioner, it encounters the cooler and dryer air inside the house. Condensation occurs when both these kinds of air meet. If you find water leaking from the front of the air conditioner unit, check if the water is leaking from the body of the machine. You need to give the unit a test. Operate the unit for about half an hour. Check under the front edge of the AC. If you find small water droplets in the area, it could be due to an air leakage problem.

Water leaks happen when the drain hole of the unit is blocked. The rear of the AC unit comes with a drain hole to release water. When this hole is blocked, the water gets collected inside the unit. You can test it by operating the air conditioner for at least 30 minutes and inspect the unit to see if it is draining properly at the rear. There should be a considerable amount of water at the base of the unit. You can use a small tool in order to open the drain hole at the rear of the AC unit.

When the outside temperature is too cold compared to the indoor environment, the cooling coil can ice up. In fact, this happens when the outside temperature drops below 60 F at night. You may find water on the front of the unit in the morning. In order to solve this problem, you can turn off the air conditioner unit at night.

If your air conditioner unit shows signs of leaking, you should consult a professional and experienced air conditioner repair company in the area. They are the best people to inspect the unit and diagnose the real issue with the air conditioner. With a host of AC repair companies on the market, how will you select the best service provider? In fact, you need to do the research properly when selecting the best air conditioner repair company in your area. They will do a good job in repairing the AC unit to prevent leaks over time.

In conclusion, water leaks are quite common when using an air conditioner unit. The above article provides information on why do air conditioners leak and how do you check it out.